Elementary information

QCG-Now allows execution of jobs on remote clusters or HPC-class resources. In order to provide required functionality it is integrated with the QCG middleware system. For this reason all capabilities offered by QCG-Now have been grounded in the core capabilities of QCG. For more information about QCG see www.qoscosgrid.org.

Before moving forward with the step-by-step instruction please note the following general facts:

  1. QCG-Now connects to remote machines to submit or monitor jobs, to get results as well as to get current information about the underlying system and resources.
  2. Majority of the connections is secured by so-called GSI Proxy authentication. This requires to have a valid Grid account and respective certificate.
  3. The input files and results transfers are handled automatically by QCG-Now. In order to minimise network consumption, the data is automatically compressed and decompressed. It is possible to use one of two transfer protocols: SFTP or GSIFTP.
  4. We encourage you to submit possible bugs and problems related to the usage of QCG-Now via the internal bug submission sytem available from the program. We will do our best to response to your issues as soon as possible. Nevertheless, since the program relays on many-level infrastructure, many subsystems, the origin of eventual problems is likely related to the infrastructure, not to the QCG-Now program itself. In such a case you should contact with the infrastructure provider via a dedicated helpdesk.