QCG-Broker Nagios Probe

The guide describes how to deploy and use the Nagios Probe for the QCG-Broker service


  • Packages requirements - all packages required by the QCG-Broker Nagios probe will be automatically installed by the YUM during the installation of qcg-broker-nagios-probe package.
    • qcg-broker-client - the probe depends on the qcg-broker client
  • Test User proxy certificate accepted by QCG services

Deployment steps

The installation and configuration of the Nagios probe consists of a few mandatory steps:


  • install QCG-Broker Nagios Probe using YUM Package Manager:
    yum install qcg-broker-nagios-probe

(IMPORTANT: If necessary, the qcg-broker-client package will be also installed.)



qcg-broker-probe [-H host] [-p port] [-l url] -n dn -x proxy [-m max] [-i interval] [-t type] [-j jobdesc] [-v] [-V]
-H host     - QCG-Broker host
-p port     - port which QCG-Broker is listening on (default 8443)
-l url      - full URL to the QCG-Broker. If set overwrites the HOST and PORT settings. If not set is build based on HOST and PORT
-n dn       - Distinguished Name of the QCG-Broker
-x proxy    - path to the proxy certificate
-m max      - maximum number of status checks (default 5)
-i interval - time interval in seconds between next status checks (default 10)
-j jobdesc  - path to the job description (default /usr/libexec/grid-monitoring/probes/org.qoscosgrid/broker/nagios-test.qcg)
-t type     - type of the job description: S for qcg Simple, J for JSDL, X for QCG-JobProfile (default X)
-v          - verbose
-V          - help

Usage example

Usage example:
/usr/libexec/grid-monitoring/probes/org.qoscosgrid/broker/qcg-broker-probe \\
                  -H qcg-broker.man.poznan.pl \\
                  -p 8443 \\
                  -n /C=PL/O=GRID/O=PSNC/CN=qcg-broker/qcg-broker.man.poznan.pl \\
                  -x /tmp/x509up_u500

Exit Codes

  • STATUS_OK - 0 - Task finished successfully
  • STATUS_WARNING - 1 - Task neither finished successfully nor failed in requested time (still active)
  • STATUS_CRITICAL - 2 - Task failed.
  • STATUS_UNKNOWN - 3 - The probe internal or configuration error.