QCG Community Modules

With QosCosGrid it is possible to define user-space  environment modules, thus providing unified and coherent access to self-installed application among many clusters. After starting an interactive QCG job you can use one of the following command to create/edit/list your own environment module:

  • qcg-module-create
  • qcg-module-delete
  • qcg-module-edit
  • qcg-module-list

Example session

The below snippet shows example session with  QCG-Broker Interactive Job and QCG Community Modules:

$qcg-interactive qcg-simple-client/bash/interactive-galera.qcg
UserDN = /C=PL/O=GRID/O=PSNC/CN=Mariusz Mamonski
ProxyLifetime = 23 Days 20 Hours 9 Minutes 43 Seconds

jobId = J1351184485597__0600
Press Ctrl-C to cancel the task
Interactive session started. Use the 'exit' command to quit

# 1.a create your personal module
plgmamonski@wn2006$ qcg-module-create MyApplication/1.0

# 1.b or group module
plgmamonski@wn2006$ qcg-module-create  -g plggmygroup MyApplication/1.0