QCG-Computing service is an open source service acting as a computing provider exposing on demand access to computing resources and jobs over the HPC Basic Profile compliant Web Services interface. In addition the QCG-Computing offers remote interface for Advance Reservations management.

QCG-Computing functionality:

  • Job submission and management
  • Proxy delegation (over GSI protocol)
  • Cluster Monitoring
  • Advance Reservation Managament
  • Built-in Lightweight file staging mechanism
  • Integrated with the APEL system (via the  QCG-Accounting agent)
  • Various authorization modules: grid-mapfile, LCMAPS, PAM
  • Java SDK available
  • Supported Batch Systems (using DRMAA library interface):
    • Torque
    • PBS Pro
    • SLURM
    • SGE
    • LoadLeveler
    • LSF

QCG-Computing is used by:

QCG-Computing can be used by:

  • Science Gateways
  • In-house built applications
  • Workflow engines

that need unified, remote interface to single HPC cluster.