QCG-Notification is an open source implementation of the family of WS-Notification standards (Base Notification, Brokered Notification and Topics). It supports the topic-based publish/subscribe pattern for the asynchronous message exchange among Web Services and other involved entities. The main architecture of our system is based on a highly efficient, extended version of Notification Broker, managing all items participating in notification events. Today, QCG-Notification offers sophisticated notification capabilities, e.g. two level notification filtering, push and pull styles of notification delivery, XSLT transformations, and it was integrated with a number communication protocols as well as various security mechanisms. The modular architecture of QCG-Notification provides also a great opportunity for developers to build new extensions and plugins to meet other specific requirements.

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Depending on the requirements, installation instructions are availble at the following links:

If you want to update an existing QCG-Notification installation use the link presented below:


  • PL-Grid - QCG-Notification is productively used under the national grid infrastructure initiative in Poland.
  • Mapper - In the Mapper project, QosCosGrid stack is exploited to perform multiscale computations on EGI and PRACE resources.
  • QosCosGrid - In this project QCG-Notification together with other Web Services and components belonging to the QosCosGrid framework, in particular QCG-Computing, was used to build highly efficient grid middleware for cross-cluster parallel application execution and monitoring.
  • BREIN - QCG-Notification was demonstrated in asynchronous and dynamic message exchange in a distributed IT system controlling some events generated by an example airport management system, such as flight delays, SLA violations, etc.