Migration to 2.6.x

In version 2.6.x of QCG-Notification the database schema has changed so the database used by the installed service must be updated as well. Note that all data stored in the database will be removed.

  1. Turn off the QCG-Notification service.
  2. Update the service in a typical fashion.
  3. Update the QCG-Notifcation database. For installation from RPMs you can use the script installed in /opt/plgrid/qcg/share/qcg-ntf/tools/qcg-ntf-update.sh. Alternatively you can change the database manually with the SQL script from PREFIX/share/qcg-ntf/tools/qcg-ntf-psql.sql.
  4. Re-run the QCG-Notification service.


$ sudo bash
# /sbin/service qcg-ntfd stop
Shutting down qcg-ntfd:                                    [  OK  ]
# yum update qcg-ntf
# /opt/plgrid/qcg/share/qcg-ntf/tools/qcg-ntf-update.sh 
Welcome to qcg-ntf update script!

This script will guide you through process of updating QCG Notification service. 
You have to answer few questions regarding parameters of your database. 
If you are not sure check the values in QCG-Notification configuration file. 

Use local PostgreSQL server? (y/n) [y]: 
Database [qcg-ntf]: 
User [qcg-ntf]: 
Password [qcg-ntf]: 

Checking for system user qcg-ntf...OK 

Performing installation
Schema update
 * Creating database schema...OK

# /sbin/service qcg-ntfd start
Starting qcg-ntfd:                                         [  OK  ]