The QCG-Tools represents a set of applications, utilities, libraries and various other extensions improving functionality and simplifying use of the QosCosGrid middleware. We divided QCG-Tools into three groups, each group for a different audience:

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Programing and Execution Environments (target audience: application developers)

  •  QCG-OpenMPI (extended version of OpenMPI library supporting cross-cluster job execution),
  • QCG-ProActive (extended version of ProActive library supporting cross-cluster job execution),
  •  MUSCLE (the library for multiscale computations).

Community software (target audience: end users)

  •  QCG-Icon (desktop application enabling access to QCG),
  •  QCG-VisClient (lightweight tool simplifying use of visualization on top of QCG),
  • QCG-ScienceGateways (web portals dedicated for various group of scientists),
  • QCG-Mobile (mobile access to QCG).

Software Development Kits (target audience: 3rd party services and user tools developers)

  • QCG-Computing JavaSDK
  • QCG-Notification JavaSDK
  • QCG-Broker JavaSDK
  • SAGA OGF-OGSA-BES adaptor
  • QCG-Core utility library

For more information contact with  support@lists.qoscosgrid.org.