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Introduction to the PL-Grid e-infrastructure and the QosCosGrid services


The Polish Grid Infrastructure (NGI) has been built within the PL-Grid project (2009 – 2012) to provide the Polish scientific community with an IT platform based on computer clusters, enabling research in various domains of e-Science. This tutorial aims to show:

  • Resources and applications available in the infrastructure,
  • How to register in PL-Grid (anyone who is registered in  Ludzie nauki database can apply for a PL-Grid account during the training),
  • End-user tools: QCG-Icon,  QCG-Simple,  InSilicoLab and  UNICORE,
  • How to run simulations efficiently.

The PL-Grid infrastructure is dedicated to the polish science community.


Thursday (27.06.2013):

  • 18:00 - 18:45: "Introduction to the PL-Grid e-infrastructure - resources, services and tools" - presentation and demos, assistance with registration in PL-Grid

Friday (28.06.2013):

  • 13:00 - 15:00: “QCG-Icon and QCG-Simple in the quantum chemistry appliance” - presentation and hands-on

Training materials