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QCG Notification Installation

Within QosCosGrid? the QCG Notification service is used for brokering notification messages about the job state changes. All instances of the QCG BES/AR services acts as the information Producers while the QCG Broker as the Consumer. In most cases it is enough that only one instance of the QCG Notification is deployed per Administrative Domain (i.e.: not necessary one per Cluster).

=Installation= Similar to the SMOA Computing the  SMOA Notification requires the SMOA Core library? to be installed. If this prerequisite is fulfilled the SMOA Notification installation can be done in a few simple steps:

$ tar xf smoa-ntf-latest.tar $ cd smoa-ntf-1.1.2 $ ./configure --prefix=/opt/QCG/smoa/ --with-smoa-core=/opt/QCG/smoa/ $ make $ sudo make install

=Configuration= Before you start create a new system user (e.g. smoa_ntf) that will be used to start the service:

# useradd -d /opt/QCG/smoa/var/log/smoa-ntf/ -M smoa_ntf

Give the <code>smoa_ntf</code> user ownership of the log directory:

# chown smoa_ntf /opt/QCG/smoa/var/log/smoa-ntf/

==Service configuration== Minimal configuration requires only the host and port to be changed in the main service configuration file: <tt>PREFIX/etc/smoa-ntfd.xml</tt> (The complete configuration guide can be found in the <tt>doc/</tt> directory). After finishing the SMOA Notification configuration you must edit the SMOA Computing service configuration file? again and update the content of the <code><ServiceURL></code> elements (in <Module xsi:type="smc:notification_wsa"> section). For e.g if in the <tt>PREFIX/etc/smoa-ntfd.xml</tt> one can find <tt><Host><Host></tt> and <tt><Port>19005<Port></tt> the <code><ServiceURL></code> must be set to .

{{Note}} You must restart the SMOA Computing service after updating the <code>smoa-compd.xml</code> configuration file.

=Starting the service= As the <code>smoa_ntf</code> user type:

$ /opt/QCG/smoa/sbin/smoa-ntfd

or if you want the service not to daemonize and print all logs to console type:

$ /opt/QCG/smoa/sbin/smoa-ntfd -d

otherwise the logs can be found in <code>/opt/QCG/smoa/var/log/smoa-ntf/smoa-ntfd.log</code>.

=Stopping the service= The service is stopped by sending SIGTERM signal, e.g.:

$ pkill smoa-ntfd

=Verifying the installation= After starting the SMOA Notification service and updating the SMOA Computing configuration try to submit a simple job and check the SMOA Computing log file to see if there are now any error messages on sending notifications, e.g.:

$ tail -f /opt/QCG/smoa/var/log/smoa-comp/smoa-comp.log INF Sep 17 16:15:01 24201 0x44b22940 [notification_ws] Sending notify message (topic = ActivityState/TerminalState/Finished?, activity_id = 0544b24a-e960-400e-4910-f1a893632610, status = Finished)