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    22=== News === 
    4 '''QCG deployments across Europe''' ''[18 September 2011]'' 
     4'''QCG deployments across Europe''' ''[18 September 2011]''[[BR]] 
    55!QosCosGrid stack has been already deployed on 4 production sites being part of the PL-Grid e-Infrastructure in Poland, namely Cyfronet, PSNC, WCNS and TASK. Additional two deployments has been perfomed in Munich on LRZ cluster and London on UCL cluster. Works on further deployments in other places and communities, such as EGI and PRACE, are in an advanced stage. 
    7 '''!QosCosGrid at International Supercomputing Conference 2011, Hamburg, Germany''' ''[21 June 2011]'' 
     7'''!QosCosGrid at International Supercomputing Conference 2011, Hamburg, Germany''' ''[21 June 2011]''[[BR]] 
    88During the ISC'11 conference the EU funded MAPPER project has organized a joint meeting with both PRACE and EGI project representatives working together under the MAPPER Task Force. The main aim of the Task Force, established after a series of meetings over the last three months, is to enable a closer collaboration among resource providers and multi-scale application communities at the European level. Another goal is to support the execution and management of multi-scale distributed applications on example production sites. Two distributed multi-scale application scenarios have been selected as pilot jobs for the first MAPPER review, 24th November 2011. The !QosCosGrid middleware together with application tools will be deployed on selected production EGI sites in Poland, Germany and UK as well as PRACE sites, SARA and CINECA. 
    10 '''!QosCosGrid in Mapper''' ''[April 2011]'' 
     10'''!QosCosGrid in Mapper''' ''[April 2011]''[[BR]] 
    1111It was decided to use the !QosCosGrid middleware to multi-scale computations in the Mapper project. Installations of the !QosCosGrid middleware at production sites in Europe, including EGI and PRACE machines, are currently being discussed. 
    13 '''QCG release 2.0''' ''[16 April 2011]'' 
     13'''QCG release 2.0''' ''[16 April 2011]''[[BR]] 
    1414We are happy to introduce a next relase of !QosCosGrid. This is the first release after finishing the !QosCosGrid project and takes a number 2.0.